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Dragons Everyone Talks About (1): Dragon Boats

As promised, I’m going to give you a look this week into some of the dragons that show up most frequently in my Google news searches for “dragon.”

First, there are the dragon boat festivals and races that regularly pop up in one country or another. I must confess that until I looked more deeply into it for this post, I didn’t have a good idea of what a dragon boat actually was. What I found is that they are a long, wooden boat powered by human paddlers, as pictured below. They come from China, where traditionally, dragon boat racing has been practiced since the times of the original Olympiad games in Greece. (See Wikipedia for more of the history.)

dragon boat picture

Dragon boat in Budapest, Hungary. Image from Wikipedia.

So what does the news have to say about these boats this week? Here are two of the articles that popped up for me:

(1) In this article, I learned that an area of Malaysia is looking for approval to be a viable location for international dragon boat races. Apparently, international events are very carefully regulated to make sure that all boats, locations, and teams meet the requirements.

(2) In this article, I learned that the Montana Dragon Boat Festival in the Midwestern United States had to be called off early this past weekend when bad weather started to capsize the boats. Luckily, it wasn’t a dangerous situation–everyone had life jackets and knew the protocol to follow.

I’m not a big boater (mostly from lack of experience and opportunity), but I think dragon boats look like a lot of fun. I’m curious now if one can take a casual ride in one just to get the feel of it, or if they are only used by racing teams. I would love to try one out even though I’m not into physical competition!

What about you? Have you heard of dragon boats or seen their races? Is it something you would ever try, either casually or competitively?

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