What’s with the moon?

Believe it or not, I have never had the opportunity to photograph a live dragon. Until such time as I can get an artist to make me a more eventful site banner, Dragon Crossing will be lit by moonlight–watch for dragons!

Where do you get your images?

That’s a good question. Bloggers are probably breaking all sorts of copyright rules with the pictures they use on their sites, and I want to be as respectful of the law as I can be. For now, I will try to find as many free and legal images as I can, and when I use pictures from a book or movie, I’ll clearly mark where they came from, link to them, and try to use ones that are as promotional and widely-used as possible. If you have reason to believe that I am using any pictures outside of the limits of fair use, or if you know where I can get more/different images, please let me know!

Will you write about ______?

If it’s dragons, then yes, I probably will. I welcome all suggestions, and while I can’t promise to use each of your ideas right away, I will try to cover as many exciting topics and angles as possible over the course of this project. If you send me information on a book, movie, website, work of art, or anything else dragon-related, I will definitely check it out and let you know what I think, even if I don’t immediately post about it on Dragon Crossing.

Did you know that you have _________ wrong?

No, I didn’t. If  I have posted something incorrectly, please send me a message letting me know what the problem is, and I will look into it. If you’re right (and I’m sure you are; I’m not perfect!), I’ll post a correction. Thanks for your help and patience!

May I link to your site?

Absolutely! This is the best way to share the content of Dragon Crossing with others. If there is a specific image or piece of writing you want to share in some other way, please ask before using it out of the context of this site. I’m pretty flexible and willing to work with you.

Will you link to my site?

Is your site about dragons? If so, then the answer is probably yes.

How can I contact you?

The email address for this blog is dragoncrossing.wordpress[at]gmail[dot]com. Don’t forget the wordpress bit, or your email will go to somebody else!


2 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. I’m an artist. Would you like me to draw you a banner? I love drawing dragons, but they don’t look like western or eastern dragons. they look more like lizards with wings. Hehe.

    • Thanks for the offer! Do you have any online examples of your work? I can’t guarantee that your style will work for me (I’m picky and not fully decided on what I’m looking for), but I’d love to take a peek. 🙂

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