Dragon Hoodie: Creepy or Cute?

Every so often, I do a Google News search on the word “dragon” to find out what people are saying about dragons these days. A few topics pop up on a regular basis, and I’ll probably set aside my Dragons for Young People series temporarily (no time to read!) to look at some of those dragons in the news this upcoming week.

The weirdest thing I found tonight was a link to a tech blog article on dragon hoodies. I’ll point you to the original post to see the photos and descriptions, but suffice it to say that you’re about to discover a rather unique design with a choice of black or white-and-rainbow dragon hoodie, complete with wings, ears, spikes, and a tail.

Here they are: http://technabob.com/blog/2013/09/06/dragon-hoodies/


(^That’s my reaction–what’s yours?)

If I were still about fifteen years old, I’d eat it up and wear it. If I saw someone else wearing it on a special occasion, I’d think it was cute in a hilarious way. However, I’d give a funny look to anyone who casually wore it in public, and I’d never wear it myself (at least, not in front of people… wink).  I noted with interest that it’s shown on a female model in both cases, leaving me wondering whether it is specifically marketed to women or if they just decided the female form would sell it to a wider crowd.

Got thoughts?

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8 thoughts on “Dragon Hoodie: Creepy or Cute?

  1. Just had a look. They are a bit ‘over the top!’ in my opinion. I could imagine a more understated version it might even be possible to wear out.

  2. Oh, that is ultimate Con wear! I would definitely buy that for my daughter if they had it in red.

    • My personality is a little too quiet to get dressed up like that, even for a big event (I’ve never been to Con), but I’m definitely surprised that they don’t have it in red, green, or other colors for those who ARE looking for a fun costume.

      • Of course, I wrote that before I saw the $400 price tag… Maybe as they sell a few they’ll be able to invest in a variety of fabrics.

  3. I might wear a monochromatic ones. The rainbow, on the other hand, seems a bit over the top.

    • Maybe the designers figured that anyone who was over-the-top enough to wear the hoodie at all would be crazy enough to wear it in rainbow, too.

  4. Its a replication of Toothless from How to Train your Dragon. Not only would i wear it in public I’d probably never take it off once it arrived. Like I’d sleep in that. It’s frikking awesome but way too expensive. mostly because the people who make it are little f*&^ers and only care about getting more money. If it was lowered to even 200….i’d buy it right here right now.

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