Happy July 4th!

In America, we just celebrated our Independence Day with flashy displays of fireworks. They’re everywhere–I went to a show last night and tonight, and littler ones are still popping all over my neighborhood as I head to bed. The whole shebang reminded me of a little dragon and a lot of fireworks in Mulan–Disney’s fictional take on a girl giving all of China a chance at their own freedom from the threat of evil Huns. Here’s the climactic moment where dragon+fireworks=freedom. Enjoy, and for my American readers, tell me how you spend your Independence Day!

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2 thoughts on “Happy July 4th!

  1. I’m attemping to make it a tradition to spend our Independance Day evening watching, well, “Independance Day” (Wil Smith movie). This year, however, we watched National Treasure, another patriotic Independance Day-ish movie, while my kids spent the evening out watching those “flashy displays of fireworks!”

    BTW, I have it on good authority that your father has always been facinated by dragons. As a matter of fact, he’s hoping to one day include dragons in his GURPS campaign (http://beggarscrown.wordpress.com/). So maybe your love of dragons is hereditary!

    • I love Independence Day (the movie), and would love to watch it every year! 🙂 This year, I saw fireworks instead, but it was still a good day.
      It’s reasonable that the love of dragons is hereditary to an extent, or at least encouraged–I have posts on my father reading me My Father’s Dragon and The Hobbit when I was younger, and will add the Reluctant Dragon to that list sometime, too!

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