5 Dragons I Never Want to Meet

On Tuesday, I posted a list of five dragons I would love to meet. Not all dragons are cute and cuddly, though, so I thought it wise to follow up with a list of five dragons I never want to meet.

Hungarian Horntail dragon

Image borrowed from the Harry Potter Wiki.

#5: Hungarian Horntail (Harry Potter)—I’m not a huge Harry Potter fan, but I’ll still admit that the Hungarian Horntail isn’t the nicest of creatures. Rowling designed the Horntail to be the nastiest dragon in her wizarding world—and then made poor Harry face one in the fourth book. It’s fast, it’s cranky, and it breathes LOTS of fire, so I think I’ll keep my distance.


Mushu image

Image borrowed from the Disney Wiki.

#4: Mushu (Mulan)—Disney fans, please don’t hate me for including this one. I love the movie Mulan, and I know that Mushu is loveable and can grow on you. He’s just so obnoxious! For those of you who aren’t familiar with the movie, Mushu is a lizard-sized dragon that wants to prove his value to a respectable family’s ancestral guardians. He wreaks havoc left and right, yet takes it upon himself to help Mulan survive army life and save China. He’s got a good heart, but I’m not eager to meet a comedic dragon voiced by Eddie Murphy. Let Mulan deal with him.



Dragonworld book cover

Image borrowed from Amazon.com.

#3: The Darkling (Dragonworld)—This creature is one of the main characters in the book Dragonworld, which I wrote about last year. He is a unique cross between two species, with the cold and foolish heart of the cold drakes combined with the fire and cunning of the near-extinct dragons. His murderous desire for revenge and conquest starts a war between humans and ends innocent lives. I wouldn’t want to cross paths with that much scaly hatred.






Smaug eye

Image borrowed from the LotR Wiki.

#2: Smaug (The Hobbit)—What child doesn’t tremble with Bilbo as he steals into this dragon’s lair or cheer on Bard the Bowman who faces the monster to save his people? Tolkien’s Smaug is the epitome of the standard evil dragon—greedy treasure guardian, terrible destroyer of kingdoms, and fiery flying foe. I don’t know what Peter Jackson will do with Smaug in the continuing Hobbit film trilogy, but I hope it does justice to the dragon that first showed me that dragons can be scary.


#1: Male dragon (Reign of Fire)—This is hands-down the scariest dragon that I’ve ever heard of and could ever hope to avoid. I confessed before that I use Reign of Fire as action junk food despite its lack of quality storyline. Part of what brings me back to such a cheesy film is the relief that I’m not the one struggling to survive in the post apocalyptic territory of the biggest, scariest, most destructive dragon to ever nearly obliterate mankind (try reading that sentence aloud ten times fast!). Size analogy: if the big guy were an eagle, the female dragons (which are your typical giant, destructive monsters) would only be sparrow-sized. No other movie fiend has ever convinced me that bigger is scarier.

Image borrowed from IMDB.

What do you think? Have any of these dragons ever scared you, or are there others that you would argue take the prize for scariest, nastiest, or most obnoxious? Maybe dragons don’t even frighten you—if not, why not?

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5 thoughts on “5 Dragons I Never Want to Meet

  1. Yea, mushu is rather obnoxious. But… he could make a good pet if trained well. Haha!

  2. Ha! I had the same idea. Look for my post later today.

  3. I actually love Smaug. I wrote a story where he was brought back to life to become a good guy (I didn’t get far after his resurrection, though. It was just a short story.). I feel like he had too anticlimactic a death. A dragon like him deserves a better death than taking an arrow to the knee! I mean, the chest.

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