While the Dragon Garden Grows

As a New Year’s present to myself, I bought a mini indoor dragon volcano garden (one of those plastic terrariums designed for kids), complete with dragon decals, black coleus seeds, Venus Fly Trap seeds, and a tiny plastic dragon. About a week into the new year, I stuck the decals to the plastic base and cover, soaked the dirt pellets in water until they turned into finger-coating, seed-starting mud, and carefully tucked the tiny seeds into the dirt. Then, I stuck it in a sunny window and waited.

I’m still waiting–the coleus seeds sprouted within a week, but they haven’t been getting any bigger, and the fly trap plants could take up to six weeks to appear.

I love plants, so it’s hard to be patient. While I wait for my dragon garden to grow, though, I’ve been kept busy: sleeping. Not very impressive, and not very fun, but I’ve been sleeping, sleeping, sleeping because I’ve been sick, sick, sick. They say that your first year of teaching is hardest on your immune system, and they’re not kidding–I’ve been sick five or six times since fall, and no less than twice this month.

Cons of sickness: Symptoms and weakness, losing valuable work time on the hourly portion of my job, and having students fall behind in a class that I really wanted to keep moving.

Pros of sickness: Time to read when I’m too tired to be productive but too awake to sleep. Yes, one of the books I read had dragons in it. No, you don’t get to find out what book it was until Thursday. But may I put in a plug for my favorite non dragon book read recently? That book would be Red Prophet, the second in Orson Scott Card’s Tales of Alvin Maker. I read both this book and Seventh Son, the first book in the series, while sick, and that man can write. In these fantasy books about a not-quite-historical America, where the white man’s charms and spells work and the native man can hear the song of the land, Card shares a compelling story, well-developed characters, and a way with language itself that is beautiful. The only fear I have of reading more is having the series end.

A clue about the book with dragons: It’s a children’s book (maybe YA), one not specifically about dragons, and one that I greatly enjoyed, though I disliked the main character. I’ll say more later in the week, and may even post pictures of where my sorry little planter is at. Meanwhile, I’ll sleep off my sickness while the dragon garden grows.

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8 thoughts on “While the Dragon Garden Grows

  1. Sorry you’ve been so sick 😦 (But getting time to read almost makes it worth it! 😉 )

  2. So sorry to hear you’ve been sick. Hope you are better soon. Interested to find out more about the mystery book and see the pics of your planter.

    • Thank you! I’ve got the mystery book in front of me to write about it now. Planter pictures will probably come this weekend after I get new batteries for my camera–I want to show how it has started to grow, but my camera has a problem and guzzles AA batteries like they’re only a fraction as powerful as they actually are.

  3. Oh no! Being sick is awful and I hope you start to feel better again! Have you read “Dragon Slippers”? I think it’s also a YA book, but it’s one of my favorite dragon books.

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