Merry Christmas from the Carcassonne Dragon!

The holiday season is a busy one, but for my family, part of that busyness is game time.

My family is into games of every sort–word games, computer games, strategy games, card games–if it can be played, we’ll try it. One of those games is Carcassonne, the always-changing game in which you build the countryside out of cardboard tiles. Players take turns drawing and playing a square tile on the board, staking their claim with little wooden men until they can complete and score their cities, roads, cloisters, and farms. Naturally, one of the expansions showed up for Christmas. The theme? “The Princess and the Dragon.”  This completely disrupts all serious strategy as the dragon, pictured below, moves around the board gobbling up everyone’s markers. Who can save you? Only the fairy. In a game whose previous expansions included wagons, bridges, cathedrals, mayors, inns, and other more serious aids for an intent builder, the dragon is very different, very not serious, and very fun.

The perfect dragon to end a long day of celebrations.

dragon marker

The Carcassonne dragon eats an unsuspecting farmer. Image copyright Dragon’s Crossing, 2012.


If you celebrated Christmas today, what was the quirkiest present you gave or received? If you have played Carcassonne, which expansion is your favorite?

Baby dragon

Dragons come from volcano tiles–is this a baby dragon? Image copyright Dragon’s Crossing, 2012.

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4 thoughts on “Merry Christmas from the Carcassonne Dragon!

  1. We got Munchkin: Apocalypse for the family and opened it a little early so we could play on December 21. 🙂

  2. I think my funniest gift this year was a 3 lb. bag of pistachios… Of course, I asked for them, so I’m quite happy with that gift. The only board game we got was Cranium.

    • Pistachios– what a treat! I haven’t had any for a while, and we had no nuts this Christmas. Three pounds is quite a few, though. 😀
      Cranium falls on the list of games we don’t own, but I think I would enjoy it. I asked for and finally received my own copy of the Jenga game, so there has been a lot of block-stacking chaos going on around here.

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