Out of the mouths of babes…

St. George and the Dragon art

“There was a dragon in the castle, and a knight was going to fight him”–St. George, anyone? Image from Wikimedia Commons.

If I didn’t post last week, it was because I was running back and forth between teaching high school Spanish and kindergarten afternoon care/ elementary after care for a small private school.

On the second day of school,  I tried to teach the kindergarteners how books are made. The hands-on portion of the lesson involved authoring and illustrating our very own book together. Each of six kids got to add one or two sentences to the story–but I don’t think they quite grasped that I wanted a cohesive plot line. Starting with “Snakes are cool, and they’re awesome” and ending with “God is the best person ever,” our “story” wound up being a nine-page collection of things that the kindergarteners thought were fun to think about.

Except one.

More than all the older kids, a preschooler that I had in the room got the idea. His sentence?

“There was a dragon in the castle, and a knight was going to fight it.”

Much more creative than a bigger boy’s “The angry birds kill the pigs” (Must everything be a reference to technology?). I don’t know about you, but I can sleep a little easier knowing that the dragon stories will live on. There is hope for the imaginations of our kids yet!

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8 thoughts on “Out of the mouths of babes…

  1. Nothing fits more naturally than kids and Dragons!

  2. Then I must be a 40 year old infant, because I love dragons. Long live Smaug and all his ilk!

  3. Hurrah!

  4. You said, “must everything be about technology?” My thought was, “must everything be about killing?” Still, you’ve hit on one of the great things about writing for kids. You don’t have to explain or justify having dragons or elves or wizards in your story. The kids already believe in magic.

    • That’s a good point about killing–the reason I thought of technology was because “Angry Birds” is a rather pointless game that many people play on their iPhones and iPods, and I didn’t think young ones needed to already be getting into time-wasting activities like that. Pigs DO get killed in the game, though, and I definitely think that our culture is too desensitized to violence to recognize that that isn’t as funny as they think it is.
      As for kids believing in magic… one of the same kindergarteners DID worry me when she proclaimed to another girl that princesses weren’t real, and wouldn’t believe me that they actually were. She thought the Disneyland princesses were the only kind, and firmly insisted they were fake. She didn’t believe in dragons, either.

  5. I want to know the rest of the kid’s story. The knight fights the dragon, and then what? Pretty great.

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