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Out of the mouths of babes…

St. George and the Dragon art

“There was a dragon in the castle, and a knight was going to fight him”–St. George, anyone? Image from Wikimedia Commons.

If I didn’t post last week, it was because I was running back and forth between teaching high school Spanish and kindergarten afternoon care/ elementary after care for a small private school.

On the second day of school,  I tried to teach the kindergarteners how books are made. The hands-on portion of the lesson involved authoring and illustrating our very own book together. Each of six kids got to add one or two sentences to the story–but I don’t think they quite grasped that I wanted a cohesive plot line. Starting with “Snakes are cool, and they’re awesome” and ending with “God is the best person ever,” our “story” wound up being a nine-page collection of things that the kindergarteners thought were fun to think about.

Except one.

More than all the older kids, a preschooler that I had in the room got the idea. His sentence?

“There was a dragon in the castle, and a knight was going to fight it.”

Much more creative than a bigger boy’s “The angry birds kill the pigs” (Must everything be a reference to technology?). I don’t know about you, but I can sleep a little easier knowing that the dragon stories will live on. There is hope for the imaginations of our kids yet!

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