How to Train Your Dragon: coming live to North America

Chances are you’ve watched Dreamwork’s animated masterpiece How to Train Your Dragon. If not, you really should—the story of Hiccup, the scrawny Viking boy who would rather tame than kill dragons is entertaining, and the dragons in the movie are really cute.

I found a news article today that said How to Train Your Dragon is coming to North America this week in the form of a live arena show. The same production has apparently been successful in Australia and New Zealand, and it will kick off its American/Canadian tour in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania this Wednesday (June 27th). They’ll be traveling the United States and Canada at least into next year.

Their website,, has information including ticket prices and locations, photos and video of the show, and listings of the cast and crew. It boasts 23 animatronic dragons with wingspans of up to 40 feet, complete with smoke, fire, flight, and live Vikings.  The good bit? The dragons look well done (see the trailer below), and it sounds like they put a lot of work into this show. The not-so-good bit? The average ticket price is $58.

Even if the show were coming to my city (it’s not), I’m not sure I would go see it at that price. In my mind, it falls into the category of things-that-sound-exciting-but-aren’t-worth-paying-for. After watching the preview below, I’m curious to hear what other people are thinking. Do you think this will be a decent representation of the original story? Is this kind of live show worth all the money? From the pictures on the website, I’m also somewhat skeptical of their rendition of Toothless—even if all the other dragons do look pretty convincing. What do you think?



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8 thoughts on “How to Train Your Dragon: coming live to North America

  1. Julie D.

    Wow. That is so completely cool.

  2. Ohhh, I do love this film, so much! It just….it enchanted me, I thought it was amazing.
    I’m not too sure about the trailer though, notice how they don’t really show you any of the proper dragons in action without CGI and special effects. I find that a little worrying. But then again, they could just be trying to keep it as more of a suprise.

    I would definitely go and see it though if it came to my country! 🙂

    • There were some photographs on their website that looked pretty convincing, though those could also have been enhanced. Who knows? Maybe it will eventually go to you if it continues to be successful.

  3. I’ve been eagerly waiting for this to finally be completed! I had a picture of real-life Hiccup reaching out to the chicken dino as my background last fall. Not sure I would pay for it either, but most of the dragons look very cool. Except Toothless. From the front he looks like a bullfrog.

  4. I WILL BE THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!:)
    I love HTTYD. It is the best movie ever!

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