Could Dragons Be Real?

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Last week, I watched the DVD of a 2004 Animal Planet special called Dragon’s World: A Fantasy Made Real. It was made to look like a real documentary, and the cover boasted that you too will believe. The graphics weren’t exactly convincing, but the story surely was.

Dragon’s World shares the story of several different dragons throughout history. Between computer-generated videos of those stories and descriptions of their biology is told the tale of a modern paleontologist who discovers that a supposed dragon hoax he is trying to debunk is no hoax at all—inarguable proof of dragons has been unearthed. It feels as serious and real as any other televised nature documentary, but there is one significant difference—this one never happened.

The show explained how dragons were built to fly, how they could have breathed fire, and why they declined as the human race advanced. They answered many other questions, too:  Why did dragons survive when dinosaurs did not? How did they reproduce? What varieties of dragons were there?

It was hard to know what was real by the time the show was over. The makers of the show say it is all a big what-if, but they put a great deal of effort into designing biological and historical support for the possibility of dragons. Why would they try to persuade their audience to believe in an animal they don’t actually think exists?

After watching the careful construction of a believable family of reptiles and listening to the narrator point out how strange of a coincidence it is that cultures from Europe to Asia to South America all came up with detailed dragon legends and histories, I have just one more question:

Having successfully shown that dragons could have existed, why do these people still insist that they did not?

You can find previews and more information about Dragon’s World: A Fantasy Made Real on Animal Planet’s website here: You can find more speculations on the existence of dragons here, on Dragon’s Crossing, sprinkled throughout future posts.

Do you think dragons could be real? What makes you skeptical? Where did all the myths come from?

Postscript—I apologize to those of you who were looking for a second post last week. I unexpectedly got sick, and had to postpone blogging over the weekend. Thank you for your patience!

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6 thoughts on “Could Dragons Be Real?

  1. Julie D.

    I’ve seen clips, but never the whole thing. I heartily think that is so cool.

    • I agree, Julie! I was wishing the whole time that it really had happened. I definitely recommend hunting the DVD down in a library when you get a chance–it’s not perfect, but it’s thought-provoking and has several really amazing parts.

  2. While I certainly think it’s a possibility that dragons could have existed, I wonder if the universal dragon mythology might have developed instead from dinosaurs that survived throughout the millennia. In most mythology there is always a shred of truth. Perhaps that shred of truth is dinosaurs, granted that it would’ve been a small amount ( but were there relatively ever that many dinosaurs to begin with?), that humans had interaction with, and out of that interaction developed a mythology of dragons.

    • That’s another possibility. Do you think dragons may have existed as a type of dinosaur, or would the flying and/or fire-breathing just have been exaggerations of the fear some may have had for “normal” dinosaurs?
      I’m also curious what you mean by “dinosaurs that survived”–if you’re an evolutionist (like the Dragon’s World creators), would that mean the giant meteor that wiped out land life, and if you’re a creationist (like me), would that mean the Flood? Or did you mean a different survival?
      You bring up a good point, and now I’m wondering if there is a way to determine just what the shred of truth may have been for our friends the dragons. Thanks for your thoughts!

  3. While I would love to believe there are/were dragons, I would lean more towards fear based exaggeration of a dinosaur creature. Now it may have been possible that some of the dinosaurs may have been fire-breathing, say for example a fire-breathing pterodactyl perhaps? So could there have been dragons? Maybe!
    I am certainly a Creationist, and I think some of the dinosaurs survived the flood. I believe that there were never that many dinosaurs to begin with (pre-flood Earth) because they are massive creatures that require a lot of food to sustain themselves. I would imagine that a herd of twenty brachiosaurus could devastate a forest rather quickly. Even into Medieval times we still find paintings of dragon-like creatures, so I find that as potential proof of dinosaurs coexisting with humans. And there’s always the Loch Ness monster, of course haha. It would makes sense that humanity would drive them off though, and hunt them down to extinction/near-extinction because no one wants a pet T-rex. They’re impossible to house train. 😉

    • These are good thoughts that I’m pretty familiar with. I also think that dinosaurs could be around post-flood… I’m just still rooting for dragons, too. 😉
      I’ll be looking more into evidence for/against the existence of dragons in future posts; the Dragon’s World DVD was just scratching the surface!

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