Welcome to Dragon Crossing

Why a blog about dragons?

It’s an idea that has been developing in my brain since March. I had an itch to start a writing project, a place where I could write about something I love. I could start a fresh conversation (not book blog #1891, with all due respect—I do love hearing what my friends have been reading!) with friends and strangers alike, centered on something we all cared about. Settling on dragons wasn’t hard. I have many a friend who loves them, they’re an important part of the current cultural obsession with fantasy, and perhaps most importantly, my own interest has me eager to learn more even as I write.

I did multiple Google and WordPress searches without finding a single other blog devoted to dragons (though if you have one or know of one, send me the link!). Even more sadly, I wasn’t impressed with any of the dragon sites I could find outside of Wikipedia—there were a few directories such as Here Be Dragons and Dragons Must Be Here, but they were neither extensive nor well-updated. If there are other sites out there that didn’t make my search, I’d love to see them. For now, though, I’m hoping that Dragon Crossing will be a fairly unique place to bring film, literature, history, myth, fad, science, and art together in a conversation that is all about dragons.

What’s coming on this site?

Every Monday and Wednesday, and maybe the odd bonus day now and then, I’ll put up a new post about dragons (obviously!). It might be a Chinese tradition, a Western tale, or a new dragon-filled movie I just watched. Other days, I’ll be talking about dragon sculptures, the newest fantasy stories, and some of the evidence for—or maybe against—the existence of real dragons. But that’s not all! Do you have a favorite dragon story? Have you been wondering what a wyvern is? Do you want to know how to draw a dragon? If it’s related to dragons, it will probably wind up on Dragon Crossing in one form or another. I’ll try to clearly tag posts for easy searching later, and I’ll always take suggestions for what other dragon facts really ought to be included. I should also mention that I’m not trying to corner the market on dragon information—if I find another great website or book, I’ll make sure I share it.

Whether you love them as fantasy creatures, want to learn more about their place in mythology and culture, or are just curious in general, I invite you to come along for the adventure as I pull together a hoard of facts, stories, and pictures at this Dragon Crossing. Thanks for joining me!

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3 thoughts on “Welcome to Dragon Crossing

  1. Dragons rule! On a side note, my own blog was originally intended to be devoted primarily to dragons (and fantasy literature), however, I kind of got side-tracked talking a lot about vampires because I wrote a fantasy book with a vampire in it (Drasmyr). Still, more power to you.

    • Elizabeth Kay

      Thanks for finding me as quickly as you did; I expected it might take some time before people started finding and liking this site. I’ve never been a big vampire fan, but I think it’s great that you were able to start with something you enjoyed and then hone it into the focus that was right for you. Congratulations on the book! Novel-writing is a project I haven’t started to tackle yet.

  2. Greetings from a dragon!

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